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Our driven employees and leadership are helping over 10 million professionals in 185 countries deliver everything from Hollywood blockbusters and video games to net-zero city planning and cancer-fighting nano-robots.

Autodesk is helping form innovative ideas and concepts that aren't just driving technological change, they're helping improve the world around us. Come join a company who's proving that positive change isn't by accident – it's by design.

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Recent Jobs

Intern Channel Partner Social Media Content Inventory - San Francisco, CA
Description: Help the world learn more about Autodesk! Millions of people know something about Autodesk products. What if you could find all of the knowledge about all of Autodesk’s products in one place? Use the Autodesk Knowledge Network, figure it out and move on.We’re helping our customers become effortlessly productive by crowdsourcing our knowledgebase. We want our users to find what they need on their own with a simple search. ...
Reference Code: 16WD20113
Intern Quality Assurance - London, Great Britain
Description: Job Title: QA Intern Job Description:We are currently looking for a highly motivated intern to work with our Autodesk Within CAD Software Development team based in London.The role will focus on Quality Insurance and the intern will contribute to the stable development of an advanced design software solution used for aerospace, automotive and medical applications that leverage the design freedoms offered by 3D printing tod...
Reference Code: 16WD20025
Intern Visual Storyteller Applied Research - San Francisco, CA
Description: The acceptance of new technology often takes a leap of faith. It’s easy to write something off before it’s had a chance to show its true potential. Fiction is a powerful tool we can use to bridge that gap. If we can show a compelling vision of the future–one we would want to live in–we can inspire people to look beyond day-to-day challenges, and try to build that future. This summer, we are looking for a visual storytelle...
Reference Code: 16WD20027